We Are the Pretty Petty Thieves...

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No bunny likes me I keep joining conversations and everyone just kinda withers away….. wtf I want to be home.

Getting ready to submit for an upcoming show, I would wait til the last day.


I’m so over my job

My boss is being a total cunt… As soon as I got here he started cussing in Greek. Has been an ass this entire shift. He told my coworker that he doesn’t want me in the kitchen after I’ve been running around like a chicken with no head… Fuck this shit. I need a new job. Fuck fuck fuck. Fuck.

Happy Valentines day to my one and only and my best friend<3 

I’ve found it hard to trust people as i get older…I have so many secrets….pains…fears….and no one to share them with.


Vanessa and Me /  2013
I always forget about the self timer. 

I always forget how much I like you

I’m alone, and it sucks.

One of the best shows I’ve been to.